Sunday, 6 October 2013

Wood Street Market

One of the reasons I love London, is that even after living here for over 13 years, I'm still always discovering new places. Since moving to our temporary flat in Leytonstone, we've been able to explore lots of new spots further east and this is one of my favourite finds. It was actually the boyfriend who discovered it in his never-ending quest for more vinyl after a tip off. And after he disappeared there for hours at a time, he finally told me that the market also had vintage furniture and clothes. I'm not sure why he didn't tell me that sooner!

Exterior shot of Wood Street Market signage

Anyway, Wood Street Market is right next to Wood Street overground in the Walthamstow postcode but only a 5 minute drive from Leytonstone. And it is totally worth the trip. It's just off a totally unassuming high street and inside is a maze of antique, vintage and independent shops. Aside from loads of vinyl record dealers, you can also find vintage dresses, jewellery, furniture and also shops selling hand made soap and even a small liquer shop called Mother's Ruin.

Wood Street market interior

Vintage games machine

I have a thing about buying old chairs, so it was only because we still haven't moved house that I was able to resist the beautifully restored chairs on offer from The Chair Man. You can even watch him at work in his workshop.

The Chair Man working in his workshop

vintage chairs restored by The Chair Man
Love the oil tin stools
I've made a mental note to come back to Wood Street Market next time I need to find a nice frock for a wedding, as the lovely lady at Gigi's Dressing Room was helping a customer into a gorgeous vintage dress and even does the alterations.

Vintage dresses hanging outside Gigi's Dressing Room

Vintage dresses in the corridor of Wood Street Market

I'm not sure if Wood Street Market is open every day during the week but it is certainly open on Saturdays and on Sundays there is even a little pop up coffee shop on site too.

The Wood Street Market website seems to be broken at the moment but I will add a link once it is back up and running.