Monday, 11 May 2015

Keep on blogging: More craft tutorials coming soon

Since the arrival of my little boy, we've moved house and I've gone back to a pretty demanding job 4 days a week, which means that sadly time for crafting has almost entirely disappeared. I thought things would be so different when we moved as I even have a tiny room that is, in theory, a dedicated craft room. But the reality is that it is often full of junk from the rest of the house and I underestimated how much the child/my day job would eat into any 'extra' time I had.

Little boy in bluebell wood in Wanstead Park

As you'll have noticed, I haven't blogged here for a very long time. I figured that now my life is about getting out and about with my Little One I should blog about that instead. Since moving to Woodford, I found it difficult to know where to go with a little person, so I recently set up a blog about exploring my new local area to help provide a resource for other local families in West Essex. It's called West Essex Mums and is still in its infancy but feel to pop over and say hello or come and say hi on Twitter @WestEssexMums.

I had been thinking that I should streamline my digital channels as I was feeling guilty for my inactivity here on Stars and Buttons. I came back to this blog to write a holding post while I figured out what to do - I don't really want to give this up, as it feels like admitting there is no space in my life for crafting at the moment and that makes me sad. And then I discovered something pretty amazing. While I've been busy trying to build up readers on my new blog this one has been gaining thousands of visitors every month! This not only makes me very happy but has inspired me to think about crafting again, maybe I could find time to make all those things I want to and post some more craft tutorials.

So thank you readers, I'm inspired all over again and I'm already making plans of things to make and new blogs posts I can write. I'll be back soon with some design inspiration and craft tutorials.