About Me

My name's Dana and this is my blog about the things I like to make, craft and sew as well as the things that inspire me. 

I mostly make gifts for children and I'm lucky enough to have an awesome little boy called Finley who was born in May 2013. I don't have as much time as I would like to make things since he came along but I'm hoping to start selling my stuff again soon. 

I've recently moved out of East London to Woodford in Essex but I still like to spend my time rummaging around markets, second-hand shops and seeking out inspirational and independent designers and makers. Oh and drinking wine. Lots of wine with cheese...mmmmm. 

I also like sunny beaches, fancy dress, cocktails, my new garden, city parks and country pubs.
I'm a mum who likes blogging, does that makes me a mummy blogger? 

You can follow me on Twitter @StarsandButtons or email me starsandbuttons on gmail.

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