Monday, 28 February 2011

Loving the new(ish) location of Labour and Wait

I was recently trying to hunt down some bakers twine to use as packaging for my shop, so I headed down to the fabulous Labour and Wait. I thought it might be the sort of thing they stock as they sell gorgeous traditional homeware like enamel kitchen stuff and beautifully made wooden brushes. I'd forgotten it had moved so, after a brief diversion to the old shop, I was pleasantly surprised to discover it's new home in Redchurch Street, East London. It's a beautiful, green tiled building that looks like it might have been a pub in a former life. I especially like the juxtaposition with the graffiti.
 I didn't manage to get any bakers twine, but I did fall in love with a mustard-coloured enamel coffee pot. You can just about make it out on the table and shelf in these interior photos. Sadly, as the pot was imported from Japan it was a bit out of my price range. But if you find yourself in East London, it's worth checking out this lovely, unique shop.

Interior of Labour and Wait (Photo via

Lovely old-fashioned shop counter (Photo via

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