Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Workshop Planning

Something great happened this week. A friend of mine asked me to run a crafting workshop at her sister's hen party this summer which I'm very excited about. Having organised a lot of hen dos myself, I know that the pressure is on to make it a fun and memorable day. Not to mention perfect (eek should I panic now?). I immediately thought of loads of crafting projects but it turns out beginners are afraid of sewing machines. So now I'm coming up with some options for an easy but useful item that they can sew by hand.

As I now make most things on my machine, it's been a good reminder of how much fun hand sewing can be. And with Spring trying to elbow it's way in past those pesky April showers, hopefully it will mean I can makes some things and enjoy the sunshine at the same time - will keep you posted on the planning progress!

Spring blossoms in London Fields

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