Thursday, 16 May 2013

Moving East

We've finally sold our flat in Broadway market and are in the process of buying an actual, grown up three bedroom house! We need the space not only for the impending arrival but hopefully there'll be more room to set up the sewing machine as well as more space for the boy's ever-expanding record and guitar collection.

With only a week to go until the bump's due date I've got lots of outstanding blog posts to write, including a baby blanket tutorial which I will publish soon. But in the meantime, I thought I'd share a few images of our new neighbourhood. We're staying in a flat in Leytonstone until the sale of our house gets sorted and like lots of people I had no idea how lovely the parks and 'countryside' is around here.

Wanstead Park is just down the road, has lots of lakes and a brilliant kiosk that sells home made cake and tea in proper mugs that you can enjoy while watching the ducks. The bluebells also happen to be out at the moment and they look and smell totally amazing.

Bluebells in Wanstead Park

And nearby in the other direction is Hollow Ponds, which also make you feel like you are out in the country rather than in a park just outside of central London. We're already getting excited about bringing the little one here for walks once he finally arrives.

Hollow Ponds Leyton & Leytonstone

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