Saturday, 4 October 2014

Basic hand sewing stitches

When I ran a sewing workshop at a hen party, I realised that people are often quite scared of sewing. It really is quite easy and like most things just a matter of practice. With hand sewing, you can sew while you're relaxing doing something else like listening to music or watching TV, so I'd recommend it as a way to get started.

So here are a couple of stitches to try and I'll be posting a simple tutorial on how to use these two to make a simple make-up bag. 

First thread your needle with double thread and knot the end.


Working from right to left, come up at A
Take a small backward stitch, go down at B and come up at C
Move the needle forward beneath the material & come up one stitch length ahead
Try to keep your stitches even
Tie a knot at the end

It will look like this  on the right side

…and like this on the reverse


Pull the needle through at A
Push it back through the other side of the fabric at B and through both pieces of fabric
Pull the needle through at C and repeat

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