Sunday, 3 April 2011

Made in Hastings

While on our holiday in Sussex, we were exploring Hastings Old Town and I stumbled across Made in Hastings. I immediately remembered reading about it in Country Living magazine: it was set up by a group of women who wanted to open a shop but knew they needed time to make their own things as well, so they joined together to run it as a collective. It's not just their own stuff though, they also stock other unique and handmade gifts providing a valuable platform for local artists and makers.

When I read about it, I thought it was a great and idea and exactly the sort of set up I'd love to be part of one day.

It's full of lovely stuff and I would have loved to buy lots more things, sadly my budget only stretched as far as this lovely bird print tea towel and owl card.

I'm definitely hoping to go back if I'm in the area again as there were loads more things I was lusting after, and I really think supporting this sort of shop is worthwhile. It would be a great place to stock up on original Christmas presents.
(Oh dear I really can't seem to go very long without mentioning Christmas, is it wrong to be thinking about it already? Don't answer that!)

You can find out more about the talented ladies at Made in Hastings on their website.

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