Thursday, 28 April 2011

Styling it up at Petersham Nursery

I have a bit of an obsession with interior design magazines and blogs. If I spent as much time tidying and decorating my own flat as I do looking enviably at other people's pristine homes, I'd be much closer to living the stylish dream. But a glass of wine and oggling a bit of someone else's styling invariably wins out after a day in the office.

Recently I felt like I'd walked straight into the pages of a magazine during a visit to the beautiful Petersham Nurseries in South West London, a short walk along the river from Richmond.

The lovely Teahouse is filled with shabby chic French style garden furniture and the shop is styled amazingly well while still managing to look relaxed and casual. A very difficult thing to achieve.

Now I'm not only lusting after a gray linen cabinet, yellow vases and giant pots of tulips but a massive house and a garden that look like Petersham wouldn't hurt either. Oh well, back to Hackney.


  1. Ooh goodness this place looks amazing. I love those yellow pots. And completely know what you mean about decorating - far more enjoyable to oogle other peoples!

  2. You'll have to come to London so we can go - you'd LOVE it!